AK Barrel Pin

CODE: A3-31

Standard AK-47 barrel pins made from tool steel and heat treated like the originals. The dimensions of these were taken from Romanian barrel pins at .277.
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AK Grip Screw and Nut

CODE: C3-71

$8.00   $7.95
This brand new production replacement grip screw and nut.
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AK Disconnector Spring

CODE: A2-11

$3.95   $3.49
New production AK47 disconnector spring.
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Red Star Arms FCG Pin Retaining Plate

CODE: A1-21

$8.00   $4.95
If you haven't used one of these yet you're really missing out! This has to be the easiest and most hassle free way to install your fire control group in an... More
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AK-Builder Lower Bolt Guide Rails

CODE: A2-12

Get a set of the best US made rails available! These have mag stabilizers on both rails unlike any other rails made in the US.There are no holes drilled in... More
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Trigger Guard Screw Plate

CODE: A1-32

These trigger guard screw plates are perfect for test assembly for rivet builds or final assembly for screw builds. No need to take small nuts and grind... More
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AK Center Support for 1mm Receivers

CODE: A1-31

These center supports will be less prone to crushing unlike other center supports made from steel tubing. There is nothing worse than having the center... More
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Black AK Recoil Buffer

CODE: A3-21

Slides over spring assembly with no disassembly required! Not the hard plastic buffers like the others.
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AK Hammer/Trigger Extended Length Axis Pins

CODE: C6-11

These axis pins are made to work with receivers as wide as 1.390" or 35.3mm. Made from heat treated tool steel for years of use then black oxided. This is... More
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AK-Builder AK Pistol Grip Nut

CODE: C3-73

This is a copy of an original Polish grip nut that goes on the inside of the receiver. If you are buying a Hogue, Tapco Saw or any other grip that uses a... More
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AK Pistol Grip Screw

CODE: C3-74

Original length grip screw for attaching the standard style pistol grips.
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1.5mm Center Support and Rivet

CODE: C8-51

These are made from heat treated 4130 steel and the rivets are a copy of an original AK center support rivet. The length is shorter than the 1mm center... More
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Used AK47 Trigger Guard Assembly


Surplus trigger guard assembly. Comes with selector stop still riveted to receiver stub.   More
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Hungarian AK Recoil Spring Assembly Used

CODE: G4-21

Used Hungarian AK47 recoil assembly.
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Used Hungarian AK47 Vented Gas Tube

CODE: S-23

Used Hungarian Vented Gas Tube
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Single Point AK Sling Adapter Plate

CODE: E2-34

$29.95   $19.95
Sling mount attaches under the pistol grip as pictured.  Sling can be attached to either side of the rifle. Made from steel.
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Draco Single Point AK Sling Adapter Plate

CODE: E2-61

$29.95   $24.95
Sling mount attaches under the pistol grip as pictured.  Made from steel. THIS IS NOT MADE TO FIT THE M92 PAP PISTOL More
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New Surplus AK Stock Screw

CODE: C7-51

This is for ONE screw not a set of two.  These are original brand new parts not reproduction copies.
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East German Receiver Sling Swivel

CODE: G1-13

East German - Brand New Unissued Sling Swivel for Receivers Width of the tab is .472" which is wider than the slot on my AMD65 flats so it can be... More
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Bulgarian Bolt Head 5.56 x 45 Cal.

CODE: F1-61

$93.99   $79.99
Bulgarian Bolt Head 5.56x45 Cal. Stem is .430" Will NOT FIT AK74 carrier
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