AK-Builder Receiver Blank Drilling Fixture 7.62 & 5.45

CODE: I4-12

AK-BUILDER Receiver Blank Drilling Fixture This tool is made specifically for the Polish 7.62 x 39 and 5.45 x 39 receiver blanks that were just... More
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AK Trunnion Rivet Hole Drilling Fixture


$74.95   $72.50
Here is a professional tool for drilling the front and rear trunnion holes in AK47 receivers.  This tool will work with 7.62 and 5.45 trunnions... More
  • 7.62 Red and 5.45 Blue Mandrels 
  • Red, Blue & Green Mandrels (+$15.00)

AK-Builder Rail Alignment Fixture

CODE: C3-61

Rail alignment fixture to install the lower bolt guide rails in 1mm receivers. The rails clamp inside the fixture which inserts into the trunnion to keep... More
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5mm & 7mm Reamer Set

CODE: A2-31

 5mm and 7mm reamers for finishing the hammer and trigger holes on my flats. These will ensure that you have perfectly round holes for the axis pins to... More

5/32" .1563" Screw Machine Drill Bit

CODE: C1-72

These are the same drills I use in the Rivet Drilling tool, drilling gas piston rivet holes and for drilling holes for the 4mm rivet holes in receivers.... More

7mm Screw Machine Drill Bit

CODE: C1-73

US Made by Precision Twist Drill Screw Machine - Drills Size: 0.2756 In., 7.00 mm Flute Length: 1-11/32, 34 mm Overall Length: 2-29/32, 74 mm... More

#16 .172" Screw Machine Drill Bit

CODE: C1-71

This drill is used for drilling holes for the 4.5mm rivet holes in the bent receivers as well as opening the hammer pin hole on my flats before reaming to... More

.300 Barrel Pin Reamer

CODE: A2-32

This is the same reamer we use to work with the .302 barrel pin holes.  Drill the hole first with a 7mm drill then ream the hole.  The reamer has... More

Red Star Arms AK47 Campy Sight Tool

CODE: A3-22

Tired of trying to find two men and a boy to help remove your AK rear sight. So were we. Thanks to Bob King AK shooter and inventor we were able to team up... More
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AKFST Heavy Duty Front Sight Tool

CODE: C2-61

The AKFST line of AK-47 front sight tools are the first AK front sight tool to be made to the levels of strength and durability the AK end user or... More

Cobalt Gas Port Drill for Bulgarian AK74's

CODE: C4-23

This drill is .076" and the original port size is .077". More than likely with a cheap drill press or hand drill the bit will cut oversize so it won't... More

Gas Piston Drilling Jig

CODE: C7-11

$29.95   $24.95
Used for drilling the gas piston rivet hole in the center of the piston.
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AK/SKS Windage & Elevation Sight Tool

CODE: C2-31

$14.99   $13.50
Designed on request by military services deployed overseas, our windage and elevation sight tool is the strongest on the market today. Manufactured from... More
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AK/SKS Front Sight Adjustment Tool

CODE: C5-61

$4.99   $4.50
This durable front sight adjustment tool works on both the AK and SKS weapons (except Yugo SKS). Reinforced with a metal insert, this tool allows for quick... More
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10mm Screw Machine Drill Bit

CODE: C2-22

This drill bit is for drilling the large selector hole on the right side of the receiver. This makes the larger side of the keyhole.  Get our 7/32... More

7/32 Screw Machine Drill Bit

CODE: C2-23

This drill bit is for drilling the front edge of the keyhole for the selector on the right side of the receiver. US Made by Precision Twist Drill.... More

Die Starter 14-1 LH

CODE: A4-11

Die Starter for 14-1 LH 7.62x39 rifles.
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12mm x 1.25mm Gas Piston Tap

CODE: C2-11

12mm x 1.25mm tap for cleaning up the threads on the bolt carrier when installing a new gas piston. Made of high speed steel for long life.

One Inch Capacity C-Clamp

CODE: C5-12

Small C-Clamp for installing the lower rails in your receiver or for clamping the scribe jig to the bent receiver to mark the cutouts of the top rail.

Two Inch Capacity C-Clamp

CODE: C5-13

Two inch C-Clamp for clamping trunnions for test fitting parts to your rifle before final installation.