East German AK47 Side Folding Stock

CODE: E6-11

Brand New East German AK-47 Folding Stock.   Folding Stock will fit into any standard straight stock trunnion with no... More
8 item(s)

AK47 Fixed Stock Rear Trunnion

CODE: B4-61

$37.50   $29.95
We had these made by the same company in Taiwan that makes our sidefolding stocks.  These are made from 4130 steel and heat treated.  These are... More

Underfolder Stock Assembly Pin

CODE: C2-21

These are sold individually not in sets of three.  The picture shows four pins, but the price is for one.  There is a discount for buying a... More
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Used Surplus AK47 Axis Pin

CODE: A3-11

This is for ONE used surplus axis pin. Will be too short for Saiga 12's so use the extended pins instead.
232 item(s)

AMD 65 Folding Stock Assembly

CODE: F8-11

$40.00   $33.95
Surplus AMD 65 stock and trunnion. Comes with all pieces shown.
24 item(s)

Hungarian Used AK47 Surplus Front Trunnion

CODE: S-15

Used Hungarian AMMS AK47 front trunnion. These are used surplus and still have the receiver stub attached.
8 item(s)

V-Project Polish AKM-47 Barrel Trunnion 23mm

CODE: C7-61

We bought these from the importer and had to drill a few additional holes for the rivets and barrel pin in case you have seen them on other websites that... More

AK47 Front Sight Detent New

CODE: B4-51

These were made like the Romanian and AMD detents and should fit any standard front sight that uses a 14mm threaded muzzle.  THIS WILL NOT FIT AN M92.... More
87 item(s)

New Surplus AK Stock Screw

CODE: C7-51

This is for ONE screw not a set of two.  These are original brand new parts not reproduction copies.
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Surplus Trigger Group from Bulgarian AK-47 Milled Receiver Parts Kit

CODE: N-17

$29.99   $26.95
Surplus Trigger Group from Bulgarian AK-47 Milled Receiver Parts Kit.  Includes Hammer, Disconnector, and Double Hook Trigger.  Does not include... More
7 item(s)

New Stainless AK47 Flat Firing Pin

CODE: C5-62

$11.95   $9.95
Flat AK-47 7.62X39 firing pin made of stainless steel then heat treated. Made in the USA.
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AMD 65 Sling

CODE: F7-61

These vary from new to used.
5 item(s)

Used Surplus Polish 7.62 Cleaning Kit

CODE: L3-51

USED SURPLUS CLEANING KIT - for Polish 7.62 calibers. Items will show wear from use.
4 item(s)

AMD 65 Cleaning Kit

CODE: F6-11

Surplus AMD 65 cleaning kit with wrench, blank firing adapter and oil bottle.
7 item(s)

Polish AKM 3 Cell Canvas Magazine Pouch

CODE: M-13

Polish military issue. Has 3 compartments like the Russian design and place for a cleaning kit. Perfect for rifles that lack a cleaning kit compartment.... More
31 item(s)

AK Rubber Barrel Nut Cover

CODE: C2-51

Slips over the end of an AKM muzzle nut to keep water and snow out of the end of an AKM barrel. Great for cold weather use or as a collector's item. Can be... More
40 item(s)

Original AMD-65 Muzzle Brake

CODE: F7-41

Original surplus AMD-65 muzzle brake. 14-1 LH
25 item(s)

AK74 Cleaning Kit

CODE: G6-41

CLEANING KIT - for Bulgarian 5.45 and 5.56 calibers
22 item(s)

New AK47 Polish Trigger Guard Assembly

CODE: A4-62

New surplus trigger guard assembly. Comes as pictured with mag catch installed.   More
2 item(s)

Hungarian Top Cover Used Surplus

CODE: F6-21

Used surplus Hungarian top cover.  Items will show wear from use.
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