AK Grip Screw and Nut

CODE: C3-71

$8.00   $7.95
This brand new production replacement grip screw and nut. 4 1/4" long.
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5/32" .1563" Screw Machine Drill Bit

CODE: C1-72

These are the same drills I use in the Rivet Drilling tool, drilling gas piston rivet holes and for drilling holes for the 4mm rivet holes in receivers.... More

Hogue AK-47/AK-74 Rubber Grip with Finger Grooves

CODE: C1-61

$24.95   $23.95
Hogue overmolded pistol grip for AK variants. US Made and counts towards one part of your 922r compliance.     This item is made in... More
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  • Black 
  • OD Green 
  • Tan 
  • Ghille Tan 


CODE: E2-32

Saiga 12 Guage Claw Door Breacher Flash Hider Made in Scottsdale, AZ By Guntec USA Fits all Saiga 12 shotguns with threads Custom limited run... More
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Saiga 12 Conversion Drilling Guide

CODE: M-19

$59.95   $35.95
This guide is for drilling holes for my trigger guard and the opening for the pistol grip nut. The guide comes with both sizes of drill bits and uses... More
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CODE: E0-11

$99.95   $34.95
SAIGA QUAD RAIL SYSTEM 7.62, .223, & 5.45 RIFLE Made of T6 aluminum Fits Russian 7.62X39, .223, and 5.45 caliber rifles ROCK SOLID fit, no... More

Arsenal Inc Pistol Grip USA

CODE: A3-51

Brand new US made matte pistol grip for stamped receivers. This is for one grip only.     This item is made in the United States and... More
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  • Black 
  • Plum 

Saiga 12 Trigger Guard Set

CODE: M-22

THIS REQUIRES DRILLING TWO HOLES IN THE BOTTOM OF THE RECEIVER.  This three piece set with rivets is the first step in converting a Saiga 12... More

Saiga 12 Russian Extended Reinforcement Plate

CODE: A2-43

$21.95   $17.95
This is for the longer Russian pistol grip to fit on the Saiga 12.  The Hogue pistol grip is longer than standard and uses this same plate. Pistol grip... More
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Arsenal Inc Saiga 12 Handguard & Mount

CODE: G3-21

Customize your Saiga 12 with our BRAND NEW Saiga handguards designed after the battle proven RPK-74, with a twist. Arsenal Inc’s Lower handguards are... More
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Tapco Intrafuse Saiga Handguard

CODE: M-14

$49.99   $41.25
  Component of the Intrafuse™ Rifle System.   This versatile handguard is a crucial addition to anyone... More
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Saiga 12 Front Latch Set

CODE: C3-13

$85.00   $62.95
Front latch assembly for the Russian side folding stock on the Saiga 12 shotguns. The spring is a little shorter than the original so the hole in the... More
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AK-Builder.com Saiga 12 Shotgun Piston

CODE: N-42

$29.95   $14.95
CNC machined from 4140 steel then heat treated and hard chrome plated. This counts as one part towards 922r compliance.     This... More
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SAIGA 12 Quad Rail System

CODE: E0-31

$99.95   $44.95
The Saiga 12 Rail comes with a  long upper rail.  Made from aluminum and black anodized.
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Arsenal Inc Saiga 12 Trigger

CODE: G3-31

SG-922 US MADE FCG ~3pc. Hammer, Single Catch Trigger and Disconnector for your SGL12 Series (Saiga 12-gauge) Shotgun . - Metal Injection Molded - Black... More
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Shark Tooth Saiga Choke Adapter

CODE: M-17

$75.00   $44.95
Our choke adapter screws on the original barrel threads and uses 1.5" long winchokes.  These are made of steel and are marked USA. More
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  • Without Full Choke 
  • With Full Choke (+$14.00)

AK-Builder.com Saiga Shotgun Pistol Grip Mount

CODE: C3-11

CNC machined mount similar to the pistol grip mount on milled and some stamped AK47 receivers.  The rear hole is threaded 10-24 and can be screwed in... More
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Saiga 12 Trigger Guard

CODE: C3-12

Saiga shotgun trigger guard. Made from 4130 steel to look closer to the original S12K military shotguns. This is used along with the Saiga 12 Selector... More
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Saiga 12 Glass Breaker

CODE: J3-61

Flash hider made to thread on the end of the Saiga12 shotgun.
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Saiga Selector Stop

CODE: C3-14

Selector stop made just for our Saiga 12 trigger guard . No need to buy a standard selector stop and modify it. This mounts under the trigger guard just... More
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