AK47 7.62 Flat With Trunnion Holes

CODE: B2-61

The front and rear trunnion holes on these flats are pre-punched to help with the installation of the trunnions.  In some cases the front trunnion... More
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  • Top Rail Bent, Stepped and Trimmed 

Standard AK47 Fixed Stock 7.62 Flat

CODE: B1-71

These flats can be used for about any 1mm thick 7.62 receiver.  Without the trunnion holes you can put any rear trunnion on the receiver once bent.... More
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  • Top Rail Bent, Stepped and Trimmed 

Romanian MD63/M65 Underfolder Flat

CODE: B2-21

  These are made to work with the Romanian underfolder stocks and will not work with the Polish or Yugo sets.  There is no need... More
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  • Top Rail Bent, Stepped and Trimmed 
  • Top Rail Bent, Stepped and Trimmed and Alignment Holes (+$5.00)

Romanian 7.62 RPK Receiver Flat 1.5mm

CODE: B4-21

These flats are for the bulged trunnion RPK 47 7.62 parts kits.  The flats and rails are made from 4130 and are in the soft annealed condition and need... More
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AK-Builder Discount Flats No Step on Top Rail

CODE: B1-71-NS

$19.95   $15.95
These flats have the top rails bent, but the the die we used to do the step went bad and now we are offering them up at a discounted price. ... More
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  • B2-41 Ak74 Fixed Stock (+$2.00)
  • B2-51 Polish Underfolder (+$5.00)
  • B2-21 Romanian Underfolder (+$5.00)
  • B1-11 Polish Tantal (+$5.00)
  • B2-61 7.62 Fixed w/Trunnion Holes 
  • B1-71 7.62 Fixed Stock