AK74 5.45x39 Fixed Stock Receiver Flat

CODE: B2-41

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This flat has the magwell and mag dimples to match the 5.45 magazines which are narrower then 7.62 mags.  There are no front or rear trunnion holes.... More
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  • Top Rail Bent, Stepped and Trimmed 
  • Top Rail Bent, Stepped and Trimmed W/Alignment Holes (+$5.00)

Bulgarian Sidefolder AK74SU 5.45 Flat

CODE: B1-21

This flat was made for the Bulgarian style sidefolding triangle or polymer stock.  The magwell and magwell dimples are made to fit 5.45... More
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  • Top Rail Bent, Stepped and Trimmed 
  • w/align holes (+$5.00)

Sidefolder Reinforcement Plate

CODE: A2-42

This plate welds to the rear lower section of the receiver to strengthen that area when using folding stocks.  The bend is in the right spot... More
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7.62 Sidefolder Khyber Pass Flat - Top Rail Bent and Trimmed

CODE: B2-31

T h is flat is for using a Bulgarian style rear sidefolding stock/trunnion to make the so called "Khyber Pass" AK's in 7.62x39. Receiver flat... More
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Bulgarian 74 5.45 RPK Receiver Flat 1.5mm

CODE: B4-11

These flats are for the bulged trunnion RPK 74 Bulgarian kits.  The flats and rails are made from 4130 and are in the soft annealed condition and need... More
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