AK-47 trigger guard assembly parts

AK-Builder Selector Stop

CODE: A2-21

New production selector stops made from 4130 chromoly steel. The machining has been done on this piece to just drop in on a receiver with the correct...
40 item(s)

AK-Builder Undrilled AK Trigger Guard

CODE: A2-22

$15.00   $12.00
New production trigger guard made from .063" 4130 steel with a black oxide finish. These were made to fit the standard Romanian receivers, but can still be... More
146 item(s)

AK-Builder Mag Catch Pivot Pin

CODE: A2-24

$3.50   $2.95
New production magazine catch pivot pin. 5mm diameter.
30 item(s)

Tactical Magazine Release

CODE: A4-61

(description below taken from the manufacturer's website) Strong and simple ambidextrous magazine release that really works! A... More
3 item(s)

AK-Builder Mag Catch Spring

CODE: A2-25

New production magazine catch spring.
71 item(s)

Magazine Catch

CODE: A2-23

East German magazine catch.
53 item(s)

New AK47 Polish Trigger Guard Assembly

CODE: A4-62

New surplus trigger guard assembly. Comes as pictured with mag catch installed.   More