AK Grip Screw and Nut

CODE: C3-71

$8.00   $7.95
This brand new production replacement grip screw and nut. 4 1/4" long.
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Hogue AK-47/AK-74 Rubber Grip with Finger Grooves

CODE: C1-61

$24.95   $23.95
Hogue overmolded pistol grip for AK variants. US Made and counts towards one part of your 922r compliance.     This item is made in... More
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  • Ghille Tan 
  • Tan 
  • OD Green 
  • Black 

K-Var USA Black Handguard and Pistol Grip Set

CODE: G1-41

K-Var U.S. made Black color upper and lower hand guards for stamped receivers with new design U.S. made Black color matte pistol grip, and stainless steel... More
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Arsenal Inc Pistol Grip USA

CODE: A3-51

Brand new US made matte pistol grip for stamped receivers. This is for one grip only.     This item is made in the United States and... More
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  • Plum 
  • Black 

Tapco Standard AK Pistol Grip

CODE: H3-61

Designed after the original style pistol grip, the TAPCO version is an improvement from the original using military grade composite and featuring a textured... More
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  • Black 
  • Dark Earth 

K-Var USA Black Pistol Grip

CODE: F4-31

U.S. Made Black Pistol Grip from K-Var Counts as one (1) 922R Compliant Part   This item is made in the United States and counts as a 922r... More
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Russian Made Black Polymer Handguard Set for Stamped Receivers

CODE: G5-11

Russian Made Black Polymer Handguard Set for Stamped Receivers. Includes Original Heat Shield.
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CODE: E4-51

$29.95   $19.95
AK 47 LARGE RUBBER GRIP - Heavy rubber coating - Comes with screw and spacer plate - Easy install with Philips head on screw - Fits ANY standard... More
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  • BLACK 
AK47 Large Rubber Rear Grip - O/D Green

Command Arms AK 47 Interchangeable Finger Groove Pistol Grip - UPG47


Pistol Grip Polymer Made Six pieces rubberized interchangeable pistol grip. Allowing the operator to customize their grip to fit all hand sizes... More
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Tapco AK SAW Style Pistol Grip

CODE: C3-41

$19.99   $16.50
Component of the Intrafuse™ Rifle System. Inspired by the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, the AK SAW grip features a more ergonomic angle and increased... More
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  • Black 
  • Dark Earth 

AMD 65 Plastic Pistol Grip

CODE: F5-51

One AMD 65 Grip with screw, washer and plastic insert.  The grip will be scratched our gouged, and colors may not match exactly. The insert that goes... More
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Command Arms Ak47 Pistol Grip - AG47


Command Arms Ak47 Pistol Grip - AG47

Ergonomic Plastic AK Pistol Grip Black

CODE: E1-51

Ergonomic Pistol Grip For AK-47 W/ Storage Compartment Imported and does not count towards 922r compliance
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New Polish Black Pistol Grip

CODE: G7-11

Brand new black Polish AK pistol grip.
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Used Surplus AK Bakelite Pistol Grip

CODE: E4-12

Used surplus bakelite pistol grip.  These will vary in color and should be in good condition.
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CODE: N-19

V-FIRESTRIKE TACTICAL FLASHLIGHT GRIP 200 lumen LED flashlight Mounts to all picattiny/weaver rails all makes All metal construction Push... More
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Used Bulgarian Black Pistol Grip

CODE: H8-51

Used original Bulgarian pistol grip.  These will have scratches and marks on them.  The pictures are of two that we picked out of the box.