9" AK-Pistol Parts Kit 7.62 x 39

CODE: Kit-3nc

This is a parts kit, not a completely assembled firearm. These pistol kits come with new barrel, gas tube, gas piston, pistol trunnion, recoil... More
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  • Chrome (+$17.50)
  • Non-Chrome 
  • Black Nitrided (+$10.00)

AMD65 7.62 Parts Kit with Headspaced New 14.375" US Barrel

CODE: KIT-19nc

The barrels on the AMD's are 14.375" long and require a muzzle brake to be permanently attatched to make it longer than 16".  Using the original... More
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  • Non-Chrome Wood Grips 
  • Chrome Lined Wood (+$17.00)
  • Nitrided - Wood Grip (+$10.00)

Bulgarian AK74 5.45 x 39 Wood Parts Kit With US Barrel

CODE: Kit-11c

Keep in mind these kits are sold as is as far as furniture and finish are concerned.  The furniture on these is all scratched and gouged.... More
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  • Nitrided 
  • Chrome Lined (+$10.00)

AMD Pistol Kit 12.5" Barrel

CODE: Kit-17nc

For this to be a pistol we machined a block to adapt from the original stock to a sling swivel mount.  The barrel is 12.5" long and is made in... More
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  • Wood Grip 
  • Non-Chrome 
  • Chrome Barrel (+$17.00)
  • Black Nitrided (+$10.00)

AMD65 Rifle Parts Kit 12.5" Barrel

CODE: Kit-12nc

This AMD65 kit has the original length barrel which we machined in house.  For this to be built as a rifle you need to use a barrel extension or... More
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  • Non-Chrome 
  • Chrome (+$17.00)
  • Black Nitrided (+$10.00)
  • Wood Grips 

Khyber Pass AK-47 Parts Kit 16" 7.62 x 39

CODE: Kit-4nc

This kit comes with our newly made triangle sidefolding stock. The hole for the latch will need to be drilled in the front trunnion which is shown in the... More
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  • USA Non Chromed 
  • USA Chrome Lined (+$17.50)
  • USA Nitrided Barrel (+$10.00)
  • Polish Hammer Forged Chrome Lined (+$100.00)

Hungarian AMMS Underfolder 7.62 Parts Kit with Headspaced 16" Barrel


Nice condition kits, but the trunnion numbers do not match the rest of the parts that are numbered. Due to the fact that parts kits come in from... More
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  • USA Non-Chrome Barrel 
  • USA Chrome Lined (+$17.00)
  • USA Nitrided Barrel (+$10.00)
  • Polish Hammer Forged Chrome Lined (+$100.00)

Polish Tantal 5.45 Parts Kit with 16.1" US Barrel

CODE: Kit-01nc

These are numbers matching kits. The barrel is a new barrel made in our own shop that is a different profile on the end of the barrel so you can put... More
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  • Non Chrome 
  • Nitrided (+$10.00)
  • Chrome Lined (+$17.50)

Hungarian 7.62x39 Fixed Stock Parts Kit 16" Barrel and Romanian Furniture

CODE: Kit-18nc

Hungarian parts kit using the AMD65 length gas system with one of our 16" USA made barrels.  The furniture is original Romanian. The barrel is... More
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  • USA Non-Chrome