Arsenal Inc USA Magazine Follower for 7.62 Magazines

CODE: C1-31

Made by Arsenal Inc in the United States, the MA7-001UB follower is an additional US made part for your 922r compliance. Made to the original design, with... More
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AK-Builder Mag Catch Pivot Pin

CODE: A2-24

$3.50   $2.95
New production magazine catch pivot pin. 5mm diameter.
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AK-Builder Mag Catch Spring

CODE: A2-25

New production magazine catch spring.
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US Made 5.45x39 AK74 Follower - Orange

CODE: F4-01

US Made 5.45x39 AK74 Follower Features - Orange in Color - Exact replica of Bulgarian Circle 10 follower - Fits all Bulgarian AK74 Poly... More
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Stripper Clips & Magazine Loader (5.45x39.5mm Bulgarian Rifle)

CODE: G1-12

Four (5.45x39.5mm caliber Bulgarian rifle) stripper clips & one magazine loader.
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Arsenal Inc USA Floor Plate for Plastic Magazines

CODE: G2-31

U.S. made Arsenal Inc. Floor Plate. The MA7-004U is produced using a high tech progressive dye. With the saying, "We don't cut corners!” This was... More

AK47 European Used Surplus Take-off Floorplate

CODE: G4-62

Used surplus take off floor plates for steel AK47 magazines.  Two are shown in the picture to see the condition, but this item comes in packages of... More
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AK47 USA Floorplate for Steel Magazines

CODE: G7-21

New USA manufactured floor plates for steel AK47 magazines. These were made by Century and have their stamping to show they manufactured it for 922r... More
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