Saiga 12 Trigger Guard Combo

CODE: M-20

Price: $39.50

4 item(s)
  • Standard Length 
  • Russian Length 

Saiga S12 Trigger Guard

Saiga Selector Stop

Polish Underfolder Reinforcement Plate or the Extended Russian Style Plate

Three Rivets for Installation

This setup is for advanced skilled hobbiests who want to make the best most accurate Saiga S12K pistol grip conversion possible.  The reason I use the Polish style plate is due to the two holes already cut that can be used for plug welding the plate to the receiver.  The original plates were spot welded to the receiver.

The trigger guard riveting jig made for the AK47's will work on the rear rivet as well as the front two with modification done to the plate that pushes down on the two rivets in the tool set.  Real guns were built with rivets so this kit only comes with rivets and no screws.