AMD65 7.62 Parts Kit New 14.375" US Barrel

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The barrels on the AMD's are 14.375" long and require a muzzle brake to be permanently attatched to make it longer than 16".  Using the original AMD brake it's about 16.625".  The Tapco Razor flash hider will make it up to 16" as well as some other brakes.  You must permanently attatch the brake or flash hider before assembly to keep from making an illegal SBR.

This is a parts kit that was bought and we installed a new US made barrel.  Keep in mind these kits are sold as is as far as furniture and finish are concerned.  I don't get to cherry pick the kits when we order them and I can't guarantee anything other than all of the parts except for the triggers will be included.  I know one of the kits we have was missing a hammer and disconnector so I will assume they will all be missing the triggers.  I will make sure all other parts that normally don't get swapped out for 922r parts are still there.

Ok, now that that is done here is what we've done...

All journals are measured as well as the parts to be pressed to make sure the fit is correct.  We set the headspace and check it twice with a GO gauge, with a live round (not fired just for testing the bolt closing) then with a NO-GO gauge.  After setting the headspace we drill the barrel pin hole and ream for the new barrel pin.  The pin is pressed most of the way through so you can press it back out the same way it was put in to remove the barrel for installing rivets.  If you don't want to use rivets then just press the barrel pin the rest of the way in.

The rear sight, gas block and front sight are pressed on after the barrel pin is installed to make sure everything fits correctly on the barrel.  We use a special fixture to press on each piece to ensure proper alignment.

When reinstalling the barrel I reccommend to use a headspace gauge again to make sure you install it back to the original setting. 

These are the correct flats for the AMD-65 parts kits with the sidefolding stock.  These do not need the sidefolder reinforcement plate.  The holes on the...
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The new long rear trunnion rivets have a slightly shorter head and the cupped tool that supports the rivets will need to be sanded down to keep the tool...
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These center supports will be less prone to crushing unlike other center supports made from steel tubing. There is nothing worse than having the center...
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