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Solar Tactical AK47 Magazine Funnel Enhanced Reload (MFER) Attachment

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AK47 Magazine Funnel Enhanced Reload (MFER) Mag Well Attachment.

  • Allows the operator to reload faster than ever before.
  • The large opening of the magazine funnel guides the magazine into place, allowing you to get the magazine into the rifle the first time and with greater speed.
  • No more fumbled reloads due to missing the flat magazine opening on the receiver.

The AK47 MFER is designed to be a drop in part with no modification to the host weapon. It fits all AKM pattern AK47 style rifles along with 7.62 Saigas. (Will not fit the standard Yugo pattern AK.)

The AK47 MFER also works in conjucton with the Solar Tactical AK series California magazine lock when mounted for all of our existing California based customers.

The AK MFER is built AK tough constructed from advanced polymers and stainless steel hardware.

Made in the USA.