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AK-Builder M92/M85 PAP Pistol Sling Mount Kit

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AK-Builder M92/M85 PAP Pistol Sling Mount Kit

Kit Includes:

(1) M92/M85 PAP Sling Mount Bracket

(2) 8-32 x 1/8" Alloy Steel Socket Head Cap Screw

(1) 9/64 Short Socket Screw Key

(1) #16 .172" Screw Machine Drill bit

(1) 1/8 Spotter/Transfer Tool

This mounts under the pistol grip and is held in place by two socket cap screws from the inside of the receiver. 

The transfer punch is used to mark the hole placement on the bottom of the receiver.  Using the #16 drill to put the holes in the bottom of the receiver for the two screws.  The two holes that are drilled will be covered by the pistol grip once installed on the receiver.