Yugo M70 Imported Wood Stock Set New

Price: $109.95

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If you are replacing the PAP plastic stock the bolt that came with the plastic stock will be too short to work with this stock.  The original bolts are 10.375" long from end to end.

Apex Gun Parts has used ones for $7 (click here to visit their site)

Finally, an impossible to find replacement stock set for your AK Rifle projects with the quality you expect from Two Rivers Arms. These are the stocks used in Two Rivers Iraqi Tabuk rifle production and are now available separately for the collector and enthusiast. Dimensioned down to the last detail, these stocks are perfect to replace those beat-up stock sets on your M70B1 rifles or to replace those unsightly PAP stocks to bring your rifle to a fuller military appearance. When compared internally and externally, these are the closest thing to an actual replacement stock you can get.
Cut from solid European Birch, contoured, sanded, with a sealer hand applied, these stocks have the grain, look and feel that mimics the Iraqi or Yugo originals. Cut overseas to a true Iraqi Tabuk pattern, these can be easily modified by smoothing out the cheek rest area to an alternative M70B1 look within minutes depending on which rifle it is attached. 
Two Rivers Tabuk stock sets will fit into most M70-type rifles with ease and the stock slot area may require minor fitting for the perfect tight fit. Minor fit and finish to your tastes. Complete with the elusive rubber butt pad that is even metal reinforced. Compare at $190 for the set and pad. Two Rivers Arms Tabuk stocks are an incredible bargain at an introductory price of $110 for the set

Made to fit the Yugo M70 1.5mm rifles with a 16" barrel.  Will not fit M92's or standard 1mm rifles.

Comes with new rubber buttpad, screws for buttpad and washer for the mounting bolt.