V-Project Polish AKM-47 Barrel Trunnion 23mm

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We bought these from the importer and had to drill a few additional holes for the rivets and barrel pin in case you have seen them on other websites that are missing this work being done.

There are no markings on these.

These are produced by a modernized Arms Factory in Poland that focuses specifically on high end Military grade parts. These Mil Spec trunnions are fully heat treated and ready for your standard 23mm press and pin AKM barrels!

The two processes we had to machine into ours were the barrel pin pilot hole and the magwell rivet holes even though part of this work was supposed to have been done.

Barrel pin guide hole already started

Magwell rivet holes drilled
Front trunnion holes already drilled

Bullet Guide already machined into them!

Fully heat treated machined barrel trunnion (Mil Spec)

Made from 4150 Chrome Moly steel and Chrome Lined , Gas Port not drilled, outer suface in the white. 1 in 10 twist. These are made to fit the Romanian,...
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Machined in our shop from 4150 rifled blanks!  These are stamped 7.62 U.S.A. for 922r Compliance!  No other US made barrel has any markings. Non Chrome...
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Standard AK-47 barrel pins made from tool steel and heat treated like the originals. The dimensions of these were taken from Romanian barrel pins at .277.
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