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Yugoslavian M64 Milled Barrel 25mm x 1.5 RH Trunnion Threads

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This is a direct copy of a Yugoslovian M64 barrel.  The M64 barrel has a 25mm x 1.5 RH trunnion thread.  Headspace is set from the shoulder that seats against the receiver when threaded in and torqued down.  All of our barrels have been turned as #1's which is the shortest allowable distance.  This will give the builder plenty of room should they need to adjust the depth by facing off material from the shoulder to thread deeper into the trunnion.  The barrels DO NOT have the handguard retainer cuts nor the extractor clearance cuts.  This will need to be done after setting the headspace.

These are made from 4150 steel. 

These barrels are in the white.