MILLED Receiver Drilling Fixture

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AK-BUILDER Milled Receiver Drilling Fixture

This tool is made specifically for the AK-BUILDER 80% Milled Receivers. We can not guarantee this fixture to work with milled receivers made by other manufacturers.  The fixture is machined and case hardened to ensure it lasts through the drilling of several blanks.

Drills Hammer Pin, Trigger Pin, Selector Lever, Selector Stop, Trigger Guard Holes (if needed), & layout for Trigger Hole

Drill Bits Included: .122, 5/32", 7/32", 5mm, 7mm, 10mm

The AK-BUILDER milled receivers have a 1/4" hole center of where the trigger hole is cut out on the bottom of the receiver.  This hole lines up with the 1/4" hole of the drilling jig.  Use the 1/4"-20 bolt and nut through these holes to hold the receiver in place.  After that it's just as simple as using the correct drill that fits each hole.  When drilling on it's side, use the aluminum plate to level the drilling jig on your drill press.  If your receiver does not have the 1/4" hole you can align the receiver using the trigger guard rivet holes, clamp into place, use the drilling jig to drill a 1/4" hole into the bottom of the receiver, then proceed as mentioned above starting with the 1/4"-20 bolt and nut.