AK47 Underfolder Parts Kit in 7.62x39 With 80% Milled Reciever

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This Romanian Parts kits with a Hungarian Underfolding stock assembly and Polish poly furniture. All components are pressed and pinned on the barrel in their proper places. The 80% milled receiver that comes with this kit are the same ones we sell separately.  

The barrel and bullet guide will not be installed into the receiver.

 Since this is a milled kit only the bullet guide and trigger guard will need to be riveted.

For the first time we are offering a COMPLETE rifle kit. Kits do NOT come with tools that will be needed to complete the build. You WILL need to set the headspace on this kit as well, using the proper GO and NO GO gauges.

The kit only includes two parts towards being 922r compliant. These two parts are the 80% receiver and a US barrel. Since there is no front trunnion on a milled receiver that means you only need five 922r parts. You will need 3 other US made parts to meet the 922r compliant of a milled receiver rifle. A perfect item for this would be one of our Red Star Adjustable Triggers as it counts as 3 parts towards being 922r compliant.

This kit includes the following……..

Populated barrel assembly on the barrel of your choice

80% Milled Receiver

Rivets for the trigger guard

FCG plate for your axis pins

Red recoil buffer

Front and rear plates for the milled receiver

Selector stop for the milled receiver

Bullet guide AND rivet

Surplus fire control group (trigger, hammer, disconnector, springs and axis pins)

Standard Barrel Pin


We cannot guarantee how the barrel components look. This kit comes with NEW black poly upper and lower handguards as well as a new black poly pistol grip. They are USED SURPLUS kits.

AK-BUILDER Milled Receiver Drilling Fixture This tool is made specifically for the AK-BUILDER 80% Milled Receivers. We can not guarantee this fixture...
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Choose the ram size of your press in the drop down box below. The 1", 1.5" and 1.6" ram pieces are machined on a lathe from bar stock then black oxided....
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THE PRICE IS FOR ONE GAUGE ONLY NOT A SET OF THREE!! Use the drop down box to choose either the 7.62 x 39mm GO, NO-GO and Field headspace...
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The ONLY 100% milled AK trigger group made in the USA. Made the right way, from solid steel bar stock. Before, the American shooter had to settle for cast...
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