1.5mm Base For Receiver Blank Drilling Fixture

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This base plate is used in conjunction with our Receiver Blank Drilling Fixture to allow you to drill the proper fire control group hole on an 80% 1.5mm receiver. The 1.5mm Base Assemply Pack includes: the 1.5mm base, a new support plate to be used inside the receiver while drilling to keep you from crushing the receiver, and a 5/32 rod to align the side plates. Using this tool is as easy as unbolting your current V4 Receiver Blank Drilling Fixture side plates, bolting the plates to this base and using the 5/32 rod to align the sides through the center support hole. Then tighten down the 6 bolts, remove the rod and your ready to drill any 1.5mm receiver.

Perfect for the Childers Yugo 80% receivers!

AK-BUILDER Receiver Blank Drilling Fixture This tool is designed to be used with 80% receivers with OR without rails and center supports...
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