AK47 Fixed Stock Rear Trunnion

CODE: B4-61

$37.50   $29.95
We had these made by the same company in Taiwan that makes our sidefolding stocks.  These are made from 4130 steel and heat treated.  These are... More

AK-Builder Modular Stock Trunnion

CODE: A4-41

This rear trunnion allows the use of the ACE Modular stock without having to cut the tang off of an original trunnion. The rivet holes are already drilled... More
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Underfolder Stock Assembly Pin

CODE: C2-21

These are sold individually not in sets of three.  The picture shows four pins, but the price is for one.  There is a discount for buying a... More
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AK-Builder Pistol Trunnion

CODE: A4-21

$49.50   $44.45
This pistol trunnion is made from 4140 steel and black oxide finished. Comes with a Standard or Heavy Duty Push Button Sling Swivel with 1.25" Loop. The... More
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  • Heavy Duty 1.25" Swivel (+$4.50)

Hungarian Used AK47 Surplus Front Trunnion

CODE: S-15

Used Hungarian AMMS AK47 front trunnion. These are used surplus and still have the receiver stub attached.
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V-Project Polish AKM-47 Barrel Trunnion 23mm

CODE: C7-61

We bought these from the importer and had to drill a few additional holes for the rivets and barrel pin in case you have seen them on other websites that... More
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Heavy Duty Push Button Sling Swivel 1.25" Loop

CODE: A4-22

This is a heavy duty sling swivel that can replace the lighter duty Uncle Mike's sling swivels for our pistol trunnions. The loop is 1.25" instead of 1"... More
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