AK47 7.62 Flat With Trunnion Holes

CODE: B2-61

The front and rear trunnion holes on these flats are pre-punched to help with the installation of the trunnions.  In some cases the front trunnion... More
  • Without Y & I Embossing 
  • With Y & I Embossing (+$5.00)

Standard AK47 Fixed Stock 7.62 Flat

CODE: B1-71

Now available with Y & I embossing! These flats can be used for about any 1mm thick 7.62 receiver.  Without the trunnion holes you can... More
30 item(s)
  • Without Y & I Embossing 
  • With Y & I Embossing (+$5.00)

Romanian MD63/M65 Underfolder Flat

CODE: B2-21

  These are made to work with the Romanian underfolder stocks and will not work with the Polish or Yugo sets.  There is no need... More
8 item(s)
  • Without Y & I Embossing 
  • With Y & I Embossing (+$5.00)

Romanian 7.62 RPK Receiver Flat 1.5mm

CODE: B4-21

These flats are for the bulged trunnion RPK 47 7.62 parts kits.  The flats and rails are made from 4130 and are in the soft annealed condition and need... More
18 item(s)

AK-Builder Discount Flats No Step on Top Rail

CODE: B1-71-NS

$19.95   $10.95
These flats have the top rails bent, but the the die we used to do the step went bad and now we are offering them up at a discounted price. ... More
250 item(s)
  • B2-41 Ak74 Fixed Stock (+$2.00)
  • B2-51 Polish Underfolder (+$5.00)
  • B2-21 Romanian Underfolder (+$5.00)
  • B1-11 Polish Tantal (+$5.00)
  • B2-61 7.62 Fixed w/Trunnion Holes 
  • B1-71 7.62 Fixed Stock 

Add Y & I embossing to AK-Builder flats


This is for the service of adding the Y&I embossing to our flats that you will be sending in from previous orders.  We do not need your rails,... More