Spot Welder Tong

CODE: A1-41

This spot welder tong is designed to work with the Harbor Freight #45689 welder or 61205-61206 if you get the extended tip . Avoid the... More
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AK-Builder Rail Alignment Fixture

CODE: C3-61

Rail alignment fixture to install the lower bolt guide rails in 1mm receivers. The rails clamp inside the fixture which inserts into the trunnion to keep... More
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Lower tong replacement tips

CODE: A1-11

$22.50   $17.50
Replacement tip for lower tong.
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Harbor Freight Extended Upper Spot Welder Tip for Model 61205-61206

CODE: A1-12

Upper Spot Welder Tip for Harbor Freight Welder part number 61205-61206  (will not work with their old model 45689) This tip will help... More
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Harbor Freight Extended Spot Welder Tip for Model 45689-45690

CODE: A1-14

Spot Welder Tip for Harbor Freight Welder part number 45689 - 45690 (will not work with their new model 61205) This tip will help create more... More
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Speedway Upper Tong Extension

CODE: A1-13

Use this copper extension with the spot welders commonly found on Ebay.  Most use the Speedway name and have a different tong setup than the Harbor... More
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