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As of August 23rd 2022 we won't be selling receiver flats or blanks to individuals.

It seems that the anti gun agenda has finally reached the point of going after the people that were making it way too easy to make a handgun from a kit and has caught us up in the middle of it.  When I hear about the 20,000 guns supposedly found at crime scenes in the past few years and having never been contacted about any person that used an AK-47 in a crime by the ATF or homeland security then it really makes me wonder what the reality of their numbers are.

Anyway... the ATF isn't going to restrict the making of "Personal Built Firearms", they just want to make it more difficult.  There are seveal hundred pages in the ruling that can be downloaded from the ATF website.

Main page of the ruling: https://www.atf.gov/rules-and-regulations/definition-frame-or-receiver

Document on the ATF website about the ruling. click here

Gas Pistons

All of the gas pistons sold on my website are heat treated after machining.  All are made of stainless steel.  When deciding on which piston to buy ask the other places if their pistons are heat treated, you might be surprised by their answer.

Each gas piston comes with a new rivet for installation so there is no need to order a rivet with a piston unless it's for a spare.