All of the gas pistons sold on my website are heat treated after machining.  All are made of stainless steel.  When deciding on which piston to buy ask the other places if their pistons are heat treated, you might be surprised by their answer.

Each gas piston comes with a new rivet for installation so there is no need to order a rivet with a piston unless it's for a spare.

AK-Builder AK47 Standard Gas Piston

CODE: A2-51

$17.50   $16.50
Comes with rivet pictured below * 6.25" length * Made from hardened Stainless Steel * U.S. Sec 922r compliant part * Made in... More
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AK Gas Piston Rivet

CODE: A4-51

Use this rivet to do the correct installation of your AK gas pistons.
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US Made Hungarian AMD 65 Gas Piston

CODE: A2-53

Made from stainless steel then heat treated. The only other AMD 65 pistons on the market are softer non-heat treated ones. Comes with rivet for... More
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AK-74 Gas Piston

CODE: A2-52

These pistons will fit standard length AK74 rifles as well as the Polish Tantal. Made from stainless steel the heat treated unlike the other pistons on the... More
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Gas Piston Drilling Jig

CODE: C7-11

$29.95   $24.95
Used for drilling the gas piston rivet hole in the center of the piston.
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12mm x 1.25mm Gas Piston Tap

CODE: C2-11

12mm x 1.25mm tap for cleaning up the threads on the bolt carrier when installing a new gas piston. Made of high speed steel for long life.

M12x1.25 Gas Piston Die

CODE: C4-21

This die will fix damaged threads on gas pistons as well as put new threads on custom made pistons.

AK-Builder Pistol Gas Piston

CODE: C2-53

$25.00   $19.00
Gas piston made for pistol builds. These are made from stainless steel then heat treated after machining. Overall length from end to end is 2.48". Length... More
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US Made Gas Piston for Krinkov 7.62x39 and 5.56x45 - 922r Compliant

CODE: C2-54

US Made Gas Piston for Krinkov 7.62x39 and 5.56x45.  This will not fit an M92, these are for Bulgarian or Russian rifles. 922r Compliant Part.... More
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