Triangle Sidefolding Stock Set

CODE: H1-11

This new manufactured stock was modeled off of the Bulgarian triangle series rifles. Length without trunnion is 9 1/4" The trunnion and latch pieces are... More
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East German AK47 Side Folding Stock

CODE: E6-11

Brand New East German AK-47 Folding Stock.   Folding Stock will fit into any standard straight stock trunnion with no... More
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Hogue AK-47/AK-74 Rubber Grip with Finger Grooves

CODE: C1-61

$24.95   $23.95
Hogue overmolded pistol grip for AK variants. US Made and counts towards one part of your 922r compliance.     This item is made in... More
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  • Ghille Tan 
  • Tan 
  • OD Green 
  • Black 

Tapco AK T6 Collapsible Stock for Yugo M70/M72 Fixed Stock AK47's

CODE: H2-31

$52.99   $44.95
This item is used on the Yugo M70B1 (also M72) with a collapsible stock and composite tube in place of the original wood buttstock. Counts as 1 U.S. 922r... More
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Underfolder Stock Assembly Pin

CODE: C2-21

These are sold individually not in sets of three.  The picture shows four pins, but the price is for one.  There is a discount for buying a... More
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K-Var USA Black Handguard and Pistol Grip Set

CODE: G1-41

K-Var U.S. made Black color upper and lower hand guards for stamped receivers with new design U.S. made Black color matte pistol grip, and stainless steel... More
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AK-47 Alloy Stock Tube - Chinese

CODE: G6-31

GUNTEC AK-47 Six Position Aluminum Alloy Stock Tube With Storage (Fits Stamped Chinese Receivers) Commercial tube size.
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TimberSmith AK-47 Wooden Stock Set, Black Laminate

CODE: K2-31

The TimberSmith Black Laminate Stock Set is designed to fit on the Romanian AK-47 rifle variant. This set comes complete with an upper and lower... More
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Tapco AK T6 Collapsible Stock

CODE: H1-51

$52.99   $41.24
  Component of the Intrafuse™ Rifle System. Designed to enhance the ergonomics of the most widely produced firearm... More
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  • Black 
  • Dark Earth 

Tapco Intrafuse AK Handguard

CODE: F5-31

$49.99   $41.24
Component of the Intrafuse™ Rifle System. Designed with direct input from our military clientele, our AK Intrafuse handguard set enhances the... More
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  • Olive Drab 
  • Dark Earth 

Arsenal Inc Black Polymer Stock Set 2 USA Parts - Warsaw Length Buttstock

CODE: G3-61

AKBSW-1 Enhance the look of your AK Rifle with K-VAR’s proven top quality and High performance parts. This kit includes a U.S. made Military... More

Tapco Fixed Buttstock

CODE: H2-61

$34.99   $28.95
Patterned after the original Bulgarian fixed stock for the AK, this stock allows you to retain the original look of your AK while adding a compliance part.... More
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  • Black 
  • Dark Earth 

Polymer Sidefolding Stock Set

CODE: E3-64

The polymer stock is the US made Arsenal version of the original side folder and uses the 4.5mm pivot pin.  The polymer folder using our trunnion needs... More
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Surplus Hungarian AMMS Underfolder Stock

CODE: M-10

Used Hungarian Underfolding Stock. (USED - Scratches and/or minor dents.) Includes parts for assembly to rifle as shown.  Rear trunnion is included... More
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Arsenal Inc Pistol Grip USA

CODE: A3-51

Brand new US made matte pistol grip for stamped receivers. This is for one grip only.     This item is made in the United States and... More
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  • Black 
  • Plum 

Black AK47-AK74 USA Stock Set

CODE: L2-31

Made in the US by Armory USA.  Set of three US parts for standard 1mm rifles. Warsaw length buttstock.     This item is made in... More
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Tapco Standard AK Pistol Grip

CODE: H3-61

Designed after the original style pistol grip, the TAPCO version is an improvement from the original using military grade composite and featuring a textured... More
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  • Black 
  • Dark Earth 

Intrafuse AK Handguard, With Quad Rail

CODE: H2-51

$54.99   $41.24
Component of the Intrafuse™ Rifle System. Designed with direct input from our military clientele, our Intrafuse handguard set enhances the look... More
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  • Black 
  • Dark Earth 

Import AK Wood Furniture Set

CODE: H2-41

Import aftermarket furniture set made in Taiwan. Made to fit stamped 1mm receivers.  
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Arsenal Inc Plum Polymer Stock Set 3 USA Parts

CODE: G3-51

AKPSW ~ Four piece Plum US Stock AK-47/74 Set. Authentic Warsaw Pact standard butt stock length for all stamped receivers. Equipped with stainless steel... More