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Yugo 1.5mm Bulged Trunnion Flats

After several months of working on these flats they are finally ready. 

Right now there are three flats with bulged trunnions available.  Yugo M70 Underfolder, Yugo M70 Fixed Stock and Yugo M72 RPK Fixed Stock.  The only difference between the M70 Fixed and M72 Fixed is the hole for the recoil assembly release is not in the flat.

Do not try and bend these in any tool that is only made for 1mm receiver flats.  If you use the inner die that is made for 1mm flats the dimensions will never come out right.

The hammer, trigger and center support holes will need to be drilled/opened up as well as the front trunnion holes.  The bolt guide rails are copies of original M70 rails.