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Trigger Guard Rivet Drilling Jig Instructions

I have even used this to remove rivets from the trunnions by using a bar clamp to secure it to the receiver. Just be sure that the rivet head is the right size for the cut out in the drilling jig.

One drill bit is included, but not shown.

This little tool makes quick work of removing the trigger guard rivets from the original parts kits. No more grinding or trying to center punch the rivets then drill them with a wobbly drill press.

This will work with a hand drill as well as a drill press. The block must be tightly clamped to the trigger guard so it won't move while drilling the holes.

This is just a closer view of the top of the drilling jig. The block is hardened, but it's still a good idea not to start the drill until the bit is inside the block. Just take your time and see what works best for you though.

The chips come out of the clearance hole on the side.

If you feel the urge to stop and look at the hole... don't. As long as the block is clamped tightly and centered exactly on the rivets you won't have any problems.