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AK-74 Gas Piston

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These pistons will fit standard length AK74 rifles as well as the Polish Tantal. NOT for the Romanian AIMS 74, use the AK47 piston. 6.375". Made from stainless steel the heat treated unlike the other pistons on the market. Each piston is stamped with USA and counts as one part towards 922r compliance. Every gas piston comes with the rivet for installation.



This item is made in the United States and counts as a 922r compliant part.

These are the same drills I use in the Rivet Drilling tool, drilling gas piston rivet holes and for drilling holes for the 4mm rivet holes in receivers....
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Used for drilling the gas piston rivet hole in the center of the piston.
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This die will fix damaged threads on gas pistons as well as put new threads on custom made pistons.
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12mm x 1.25mm tap for cleaning up the threads on the bolt carrier when installing a new gas piston. Made of high speed steel for long life.
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