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AK Center Support for 1mm Receivers

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These center supports will be less prone to crushing unlike other center supports made from steel tubing. There is nothing worse than having the center support crush and ruin the dimensions of the top of the receiver.

Don't be fooled into buying the cheap rivet sets that come with a center support. I've learned the hard way that they are junk so that's why I have these made.




CNC Machined Center Support Sleeves with Rivet $7.00

Based on the Bulgarian style center support these DO NOT HAVE THE FLAT on them. Other countries have a larger diameter center support with the flat cut on it for magazine clearance. Most uninformed people using the older flats with the center support holes too high thought that the flat was for bolt clearance.

The center support rivet was copied from an actual Bulgarian rivet and lengthened by .5mm.

The rivet size is matched to the hole size in the sleeve. If you use another sleeve with a larger hole the rivet will expand and try to fill the larger hole and won't form a proper head.


The picture below was taken Wed, Dec 5th 2007 after being installed to show the size of the rivet head after forming.

Head diameter .225" height .065" after forming.


These center support sleeves are made from high carbon content steel and hardened to 50 Rockwell. These are the best center supports you can buy and are made specifically for the flats listed above and should work on any other .040 flat using .040 and .0625 rail combinations. Center support width 1.15"


THIS WILL INSTALL THE FRONT/REAR TRUNNION RIVETS AND CENTER SUPPORTS .  It will not install the trigger guard rivets. Are you ready for a...
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These are the same drills I use in the Rivet Drilling tool, drilling gas piston rivet holes and for drilling holes for the 4mm rivet holes in receivers....
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