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AMD 65 Extended Muzzle Brake

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Extended AMD 65 Muzzle Brake 4.3" long/ 7.1 oz.  is made from 4140 steel to bring the barrel length of the rifle to 16".  Threads are 14-1 left hand.  These were made just like the original machined brakes with the extended part the same body diameter instead of the tapered ones that Tapco was making.

The way these brakes were made in Hungary were from two pieces, a body and a threaded insert.  Some bodies were cast and some were all machined.  The body is machined with threads internally so the cap can be inserted to create a chamber so the braking action will work correctly.  We machine the bodies of the brakes on our own cnc lathe as well as the insert.  Since the parts are threaded there has to be clearance for the insert to thread into the body so when the cone shape is machined there is a section of the insert that will show a gap between the threading of the insert and the body.  This can be seen on the original Hungarian AMD65 brakes also.

These are made in USA!



This item is made in the United States and counts as a 922r compliant part.

Thread Size:
  • 14x1mm LH
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14x1mm LH
Extended AMD 65 Muzzle Brake - Smooth Body (No machined Vent Holes). These are 4.3" long and made from 4140 steel to bring the barrel length of the rifle to...
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