Romanian 7.62 RPK Receiver Flat 1.5mm

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These flats are for the bulged trunnion RPK 47 7.62 parts kits.  The flats and rails are made from 4130 and are in the soft annealed condition and need to be heat treated after bending.

The RPK flats don't have magwell dimples, but have different bolt guide rails that make up for it.

You must use a bending die that is made for 1.5mm receiver flats due to the inside dimensions of the RPK being smaller than the normal 1mm flats.



This item is made in the United States and counts as a 922r compliant part.

Receiver Thickness:
This tool is made for removing the trunnion rivets off of parts kits or removing rivets that we sell.  Made of steel then heat treated for wear...

THIS WILL INSTALL THE FRONT/REAR TRUNNION RIVETS AND CENTER SUPPORTS .  It will not install the trigger guard rivets. Are you ready for a...
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