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AK Parts Kit Barrel Population

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Send in your trunnion, barrel, bolt, rear sight, handguard retainer, gas block, gas tube, pins, detent and front sight and we will put the parts on the barrel.  The price listed is for a fully demilled kit, if we need to demill the pieces then select the demilling option. 

We will fit your barrel that was sent in or the barrel you purchase from us to your parts.  Some parts kits need oversized barrel journals and we will let you know if your parts will fit your barrel.  You will get the barrel assembly back with it headspaced and all components pressed on and pinned and the gas port drilled.

If we have to do machining on your barrel for the handguard retainer slots it will cost $75 for setup and machining for the first barrel.  If you send two barrels there is no charge for machining on the second one.  Machining can add two weeks to the turn around time. 

Placing your order on the website will add the return shipping cost of the parts kit to you once we have it populated.


We will not do milled receiver kits.

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