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Yugo Oversize Barrel Pin .302

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Yugo Oversize Barrel Pin .302

Yugo Oversize Barrel Pin .302


This barrel pin is .302" in diameter. This fits the bulged trunnion Yugo's and the Yugo M92.

Use a 7mm drill to open the hole and then a .300 reamer to make the correct press fit. 1.435" long.

US Made by Precision Twist Drill Screw Machine - Drills Size: 0.2756 In., 7.00 mm Flute Length: 1-11/32, 34 mm Overall Length: 2-29/32, 74 mm...

This is the same reamer we use to work with the .302 barrel pin holes.  Drill the hole first with a 7mm drill then ream the hole.  The reamer has...

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