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Triangle Sidefolding Stock Set

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Triangle Sidefolding Stock Set

Triangle Sidefolding Stock Set


This new manufactured stock was modeled off of the Bulgarian triangle series rifles. Length without trunnion is 9 1/4"

The trunnion and latch pieces are made from 4130 steel and heat treated to 40-46 Rockwell like the originals.  All of the parts are parkerized and will need to be painted after installing like the original rifles. 

Made in Taiwan.  THIS IS NOT A 922r COMPLIANT PART,

The diameter of the pivot pin is 4.5mm.



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Instructions (triangle_stock_instructions.pdf, 311 Kb) [Download]

Made for the AK74 or AK47 with forked rear trunnion or sidefolder trunnion. These are machined from 4140 steel.  Includes the two forward most...
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These new plates have been made from the dimensions of original demilled Russian and Bulgarian plates. This plate welds to the rear lower section of...
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Bulgarian Sidefolder AK74SU 5.45 Flat
With Y & I Embossing, 1mm
This flat was made for the Bulgarian style sidefolding triangle or polymer stock.  The magwell and magwell dimples are made to fit 5.45...
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With Y & I Embossing, 1mm
T h is flat is for using a Bulgarian style rear sidefolding stock/trunnion to make the so called "Khyber Pass" AK's in 7.62x39. Receiver flat...
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