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Rivet Head Drilling Tool

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Rivet Head Drilling Tool


This tool is made for removing the trunnion rivets off of parts kits or removing rivets that we sell. 

Made of steel then heat treated for wear resistance.

This tool has an arm to hold onto while drilling the rivet heads and comes with a 5/32 drill bit.

drilling tool

rivet head drilling tool

To drill the rivet, clamp the part to a drill press to keep it from spinning if the drill catches on the rivet and set the drill bit in the drill press so it sticks out the bottom of the tool.  Set the tool on top of the rivet with the side of the tool that fits the rivet head the best since each end is a different size.  Drill through the center of the rivet head then move to the next rivet.  After drilling the short trunnion rivets out you can punch them the rest of the way out with a hammer and punch.

Here is a tool that I made up a few years ago for drilling out the trigger guard rivets. This block clamps to your trigger guard and allows you to drill...
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These are the same drills I use in the Rivet Drilling tool, drilling gas piston rivet holes and for drilling holes for the 4mm rivet holes in receivers....

This jig will install the five trigger guard rivets. The front four rivets can be set at once and the rear will be done separately. There is a magnet that...
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Here is a professional tool for drilling the front and rear trunnion holes in AK47 receivers.  This tool will work with 7.62 and 5.45 trunnions...
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THIS WILL INSTALL THE FRONT/REAR TRUNNION RIVETS AND CENTER SUPPORTS .  It will not install the trigger guard rivets. Are you ready for a...
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