AK-Builder AK47-AK74 Stamped 5 Position Commercial Buffer Tube Stock Conversion 6061 T6 Aluminum

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We made these since the cheap Chinese made tubes aren't that great and the better tubes seem to always be $100.  These were made to be affordable so anybody can put one on their fixed stock rifle and it not break.  The metal insert may need to be adjusted or sanded to fit since the tolerances of sheet metal receivers can be all over the place.

The tubes are made for European style fixed stock trunnions.  Chinese trunnions have different hole spacing and we don't have tubes for those at the moment.

* Made in USA

* Media blasted and mil spec hard anodized

* The 5 positions

* Commercial Size tube

* 6061 Extrusions not cast like Chinese models

* One piece body with metal insert to fill receiver gap

* Rubber cap installed in the end of the tube


  • Collapsible Stocks
  • Stock Adapter