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7.62x39 Magazine Reforming Tool

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Knock the dust off those old, dented, and beatup surplus damaged steel magazines!! With our new Magazine Reforming Tool you can now reform those old steel magazines into usable ones again. Simply remove the floorplate, spring and follower from the magazine, lock the damaged magazine into the reforming jig, insert the slide hammer into the damaged magazine and pound away. When you have reached the bottom of the magazine, remove the slide hammer, reassemble the magazine and load it up.

Grease the mandrel vigorously before inserting into the magazine!

This tool is used for reforming bent, dented and damaged steel magazines. The base of this tool setup has 2 holes drilled into it for mounting to a bench or table while using the custom made slide hammer to reshape damaged magazines. This particular slide hammer is used for 30 round 7.62 x 39mm mags.

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