AKB Polish Tantal Scope Rail

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AK-Builder RMP-6 Wz.88 Polish Tantal Side Rail


This rail system has an overlapping plate design that allows you to retain the original left side auxiliary selector lever found on military Wz. 88, 89, and 96 model rifles. We have slightly modified our mounting plate from a replica of the rare original Polish military design. These were created for the attachment of heavy Soviet based night vision devices. It is the most secure method for attaching optical devices to Kalashnikov-type rifles, and allows the correct positioning of quick detachable optics, military and commercial, with total retention of zero. This is a CNC machined replica made from high quality steel, then black oxide. This rail may be attached using mild steel rivets, machine screws, or welded into place.

Tantal Optical Rail Instruction Guide (INSTRUCTION_GUIDE_-_tantal_optical_rail.pdf, 1,262 Kb) [Download]