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16" AMD 65 7.62X39 US Non-Chrome Barrel

AMD  amd D9-31
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Machined in our shop from 4150 rifled blanks!  These are stamped 7.62 U.S.A. for 922r Compliance!  No other US made barrel has any markings.

Non Chrome Lined.

These have the extractor cut, handguard retainer cut, and barrel threaded 14-1 LH.  We do not drill the gas port since it is easy enough to do with a 45 degree gas block with a hand drill.

These are made to bring Hungarian AMD 65 rifles to the legal 16" length and not require pin or welding an extension.  The chamber end of the barrels measure .9075" to .908".



This item is made in the United States and counts as a 922r compliant part.