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16" AIMS-74 5.45x39 US Cold Hammer Forged Non-Chrome Barrel

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These are US made Hammer Forged barrels.

These USA new production AIMS-74 barrels are copies from a factory original Romanian Military AIMS-74 take off.  We are making these in house out of 4150 barrel blanks.  The AK-Builder AIMS-74 barrels have the extractor cuts, and handguard retainer cuts pre-machined.  We have also dimpled  the gas hole for a #48 drill bit. The gas port is NOT drilled. 1-9 twist.

We suggest measuring the bore of your front trunnion before ordering.  The standard press fit size is 0.908".  Many of the parts kits brought into the country where oversized, therefore you may need an "oversized" barrel.  Measuring before you buy will save you money in shipping.

This item is made in the United States and counts as a 922r compliant part.

Journal Size:
Standard 0.908

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