Heat Treated AK-Builder Polish Underfolder 7.62x39 1mm 80% Receiver Blank

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Using our receiver flats, rails and center support these receivers are bent, rails trimmed and fully heat treated, then the rails are aligned and welded. We are leaving out the center supports to work with the older drilling fixtures.  All thats left to do is drill out the fire control group using our receiver blank drilling fixture and drill the trunnion holes using our trunnion hole drilling fixture.

For use with Polish Underfolder stocks.  The AMMS Underfolder stock will sit at an angle using this receiver blank.

We are making these with our other flats also that should be ready in a couple of weeks.

AKM with trunnion holes
AMMS Underfolder
Romanian Underfolder
Bulgarian 5.45 Sidefolder
Khyber Pass 7.62 Sidefolder

This item is made in the United States and counts as a 922r compliant part.


V-4 V-5
AK-BUILDER Receiver Blank Drilling Fixture This tool is designed to be used with 80% receivers with OR without rails and center supports...
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Here is a professional tool for drilling the front and rear trunnion holes in AK47 receivers.  This tool will work with 7.62 and 5.45 trunnions using two...
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