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Pioneer Arms USA- AK 47/74 Fire Control Group

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Replace your rifle's original trigger with the new Pioneer Arms premium trigger group and it will provide not only a smoother trigger pull but will also make this trigger group even more secure than the rifle's original trigger. With its crisp break and enhanced re-set, this will provide a more pleasurable shooting experience when installed in virtually any new or existing AK platform rifle or pistol on the market today. Each trigger group consists of the hammer, trigger, disconnector, small disconnector spring, and the retention plate. This trigger is also 100% made in the USA and counts as three 922r compliance parts.

The retaining plates they come with aren't the real Red Star retaining plates and may not fit some axis pins. 

Note: This trigger group consists of the hammer and trigger components only and will utilize your existing braided wire hammer spring.

These are not marked USA, but are made in the USA and sold on new firearms as 922r compliance parts.


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