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Command Arms Stock Saddle for Collapsible Stock - SST1

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The SST1 Stock Saddle Cheek Piece provides a proper cheek weld for the AR15, M4, and M16. This affordable similar collapsible stock option is MIL-STD and does not require any additional assembly.

Suitable cheek welded allows for fast target acquisitioning and comfort
Securely attaches to most collapsible stocks with the supplied hardware
Made from reinforced polymer fiberglass for strength and durability
Equipped with a waterproof sealed battery compartment to hold four AA, six CR123 batteries, or .223 cleaning kit
Gives a cut out for top sling mounts
Convenient stock model for increased comfort and control

SST1 Stock Saddle Cheek Piece Measurements

Width: 2.3 oz.

Height (Max): 2.5″

Length (Max): 5.5″

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