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Pre Chambered Gunsmith Barrel Blank 7.62x39mm x 17.5" Length

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Ideal for a gunsmith or builder with access to a lathe.  This 7.62 caliber blank has been skimmed down the full length of the barrel to 15/16 diameter and trued to the bore.  We then faced, chamfered, and chambered the opposite end of the barrel for a 7.62x39mm caliber round.  The outside journal of the chamber end has also been turned to 0.9080-0.9090 for an optimal press fit in a standard sized AK47 front trunnion. The remainder of the barrel is ready to be cut to length, muzzle crowned and/or threaded, and turned down to the desired size for your build/kit by anyone with a lathe, knowledge, and capabilities of doing so.  No milling has been added to this blank.

- This barrel does NOT have a muzzle crown.

- No milling has been added on the chamber or anywhere else on the blank.

- Stamped 7.62 U.S.A. for 922r Compliance.

- Non-Chrome Lined Barrel 4150 Steel

This item is made in the United States and counts as a 922r compliant part.

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