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Refurbished Romanian Fixed Stock 7.62x39 Parts Kit (No Furniture)

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We did the hard part for you! With this complete refurbish of parts from a matching numbers 7.62x39 Romanian fixed stock. Each piece has been acid dipped and then blued for a continued dark color across each part. Comes with a nitrided barrel.

(Screws, Springs, Trigger components, and Muzzle device have not been blued)

The rear sight, gas block and front sight are pressed on after the barrel pin is installed to make sure everything fits correctly on the barrel.  We use a special fixture to press on each piece to ensure proper alignment.

When reinstalling the barrel I recommend to use a headspace gauge again to make sure you install it back to the original setting.


  • Front and rear trunnion
  • Bolt and carrier
  • Dust cover
  • Selector
  • Gas tube
  • Gas block
  • Trigger guard with selector stop
  • Slant brake
  • Cleaning rod
  • Front and rear sight
  • Recoil assembly
  • Axis pins
  • Screws for attaching wood fixed stock and screws for attaching rear butt plate
  • Springs for the trigger
  • Upper handguard retainer clamp
  • Sling mount  with screws
  • Pistol grip nut with screw

DOES NOT include furniture. Only refurbished parts along with all other screws/springs. If interested in original Romanian furniture, call or email us!

The parts kits come with just the main parts, no rivets and no tools.

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